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Southern Girls Vacay


The family vacay did not disappoint again this year.  It’s always a hot mess…#noboundaries.  We have no boundaries when I comes to anything.  Each year is like an episode of the Real Housewives.  Let me tell you… get wrecked, a biking accident is always a given, bones get broken or sprained and a few teenage kids get sent home early because they act like fools raised them…imagine that!

We try to go to a different beach each year and this year we went to Saint Simon’s Island in GA.  In the picture above are my two sisters -left to right Jennifer (aka Tissy) has three children, Laurie (aka Minnie) has FIVE kids 😳 Yes typo there, and last but not least is me Sally (aka Big Sally) and I have one son who will be a teenager in several months.  Jennifer is definitely the chaos coordinator, Laurie is about to snap at any given moment and me well I don’t make trouble, it tends to fine me somehow!

At the end of the day, we know we are all crazy and just embrace it!  My circus, my monkeys. I am truly blessed to have such amazing sisters.  We have all been through some hard times; however, I has made us stronger and taught us to fight harder.

The island is a beautiful small island with a laid back atmosphere.  It is is also known for the Tree Spirits.  An artist named Jennings carved faces into famous oak trees.  Each tree has a unique face and personality.  Legend has it, the images immortalized the countless sailors who lost their lives at sea aboard ships that were once made from St. Simons Island oak.

Enjoyed the vacation; however, I do not recommend ridging a bike while drinking champagne and wearing flip flops!  #calltissyCheers,