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No honey those are momma’s juice bags

electric wine

(photo by Electric Rose Wine Co.)

Now I have seen it all!  These babies will be perfect for beaches, ballgames, cookout, parks, purses—you name it, Electric Rose nailed it!

Move over six pack cause these babies are sold in six-pack boxes, which contain a combined 1.5 bottles of wine.  Sadly, the pouches are only available in certain states including Georgia, Maine, Tennessee, New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Connecticut.   According to the wine company’s website, they are “growing daily”.

I can see myself grabbing one of these and putting in P’s lunch for school by accident😳! “No honey these are momma’s juice bags!

Don’t know about ya’ll but as the 1st week of school comes to a close-I could use a six-pack right about now!  I’ll keep ya’ll posted as soon as I get my hands on them.