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Never Forget

Photos via AP

I will never forget where I was when the 1st plane hit.  I remember thinking what a horrible accident….and then it happened again and I remember the ugly feeling I had that something was not right.  I also remember then President Bush coming over the radio stating America was under attack.

As I sit here today on my couch with the news on I have that ugly feeling again….I know we are all watching and praying for storm victims as well as the victims of 911.  It’s just too much….in the wake of all of this devastation I am reminded how we as American’s pull together in the worst of circumstances.  Politics, religion, race, social status aside…..American’s come together when needed the most.  Does it take an act of utter devastation to bring us together?  Is this the only way we can come together as a nation? Let’s all never forget those who have sacrificed their lives so ours can be better!

Be Better!