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Have you ever….

IMG_3031Have you ever lost your mind?  If you answer no-your lying.  This hump day I’m trying to work, plan, pack for a trip and raise my son.  As a mother I know you know the overwhelming feeling!  Today-I am completely loosing my mind!  On top of all of this my son lost a contact lens last week-not just any contact-a custom made contact…..not cheap!  After much prayer we found it!  PTL!!!

Then, Sunday he realized he did not have his school IPad (he has to have it for his dysgraphia).  Still no IPad…it’s going to show up I know it will-Praying!  And today while I’m working and trying to pack he keeps texting me from school!

Lord have mercy!  It’s only Wednesday!  I’m gonna need an extra happy pill today.