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Friday favs

Women’s Fashion

Fashion Friday…….

Happy Friday Ya’ll! ¬†Just wanted to share a few of my favorites today!

Love this blue and cream scarf…..I wore it on the plane ride to ūüáęūüá∑. ¬†It is ¬†not to heavy and came in handy several days while shopping. ¬†Perfect for our weather these days. ¬†I throw it on in the morning when it’s freezing, then take it off by mid day! ¬†Only in the South can it be 40 degrees in the am then 80 by lunch time.

This bag this bag this bag……if you didn’t already know, I admit I have a bag problem!!!! I got 99 problems and this bag is 1 of them. ¬†As I’m sure you know…circle bags are all the rage this fall. ¬†They are all over Instagram. ¬†I have these in black and blush!!! ¬†They are going fast.

Nothing like a little statement earring!  Love these feathers dipped in gold!  They come in several colors.  They are super lightweight and would make great Christmas gifts.  Nothing like giving a little gold this year!!!

I saved the best for last!!! ¬†My favorite, favorite sweater so far this fall. ¬†This camo sweater by Kerisma is super comfy and ¬†it ins’t too heavy. ¬†Camo is big again this Fall. ¬†I wear this sweater with jeans and cords! ¬†When it gets colder I’ll add a shirt or cameo under it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!