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Friday favs

Women’s Fashion

Fashion Friday…….

Happy Friday Ya’ll!  Just wanted to share a few of my favorites today!

Love this blue and cream scarf…..I wore it on the plane ride to 🇫🇷.  It is  not to heavy and came in handy several days while shopping.  Perfect for our weather these days.  I throw it on in the morning when it’s freezing, then take it off by mid day!  Only in the South can it be 40 degrees in the am then 80 by lunch time.

This bag this bag this bag……if you didn’t already know, I admit I have a bag problem!!!! I got 99 problems and this bag is 1 of them.  As I’m sure you know…circle bags are all the rage this fall.  They are all over Instagram.  I have these in black and blush!!!  They are going fast.

Nothing like a little statement earring!  Love these feathers dipped in gold!  They come in several colors.  They are super lightweight and would make great Christmas gifts.  Nothing like giving a little gold this year!!!

I saved the best for last!!!  My favorite, favorite sweater so far this fall.  This camo sweater by Kerisma is super comfy and  it ins’t too heavy.  Camo is big again this Fall.  I wear this sweater with jeans and cords!  When it gets colder I’ll add a shirt or cameo under it!

Hope you all have a great weekend!