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Spring Shoe Lineup


It’s almost April and it’s still freezing outside.  Well, believe it or not Spring is coming—I have hope.

I love shoes….I never have to go up in size!!  I’ve worn the same size for years; however, I cannot say the same about my other sizes.

My favorite go to this Spring are these peep-toe Carlita booties by Chinese Laundry.  I love that they have a block heel which gives me a little height and the nude color is the bomb….they are comfy and go with everything!

IMG_5434Photo via: Chinese Laundry

Mules, Mules, Mules……mules are back and they did not come alone….these mules from Chinese Laundry (Kristin Cavallari) are awesome…they come with Studs…(no! not a male stud) actual studs.  You will be seeing a  lot of studs this season.  Worth the splurge! 

IMG_5439 Photo via: Chinese Laundry

Flat forms-ok I have to admit when they first came out I was not a fan!  Well recently that has changed!  I love these Zala Micro Suede flat forms from Chinese Laundry.  They go with everything and are super comfortable.

IMG_5438  Photo via: Chinese Laundry

Every girl needs a pink pair of shoes!!  These wedge sandals from Chinese Laundry(Kristin Cavallari) are the perfect investment!  Not only are the super cute, they have a large wedge and make you several inches taller!  I wear these when I need to “put my big girl “Shoes” on a deal with it!

IMG_5440  Photo via: Chinese Laundry


Go get those toes done and then come try on some of these fabulous Southern Girl Chic Spring picks!