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Finally…..Fall Weather

Ya’ll it went from 95 degrees to 55 degrees like the weather saw a state trooper or something.

Finally Fall Weather is here, which means fall colors, textures and patterns!


Love this Open Leopard Jacket paired with our Gunnar Faux Leather Jeans!  Nothing screams FALL like an animal print and faux leather.


These pants…..Navy Knit with Mink Pom Poms.  Who doesn’t like mink and pom poms?  Our best selling pant is on reorder.  They are amazing…..comfortable and very slimming!  Restocking very soon…..all the way from Spain.


This pink blouse is a MUST HAVE!!  Beautiful and pairs well with denim, pants, or skirts.  This top is from our new line from London….Traffic People.  It’s all about the details with TP!  These sleeves…..DETAILS.  Stay tuned for more TP!!!!

Stay tuned for our Holiday Collections!!  Also, check out our online store to be sure you don’t miss out on our best fashion pics!

Happy Fall!  Thank you all for your support.