Friday Favs

  Women's Fashion-Style  Accessories Time Happy Friday.....Fall is the perfect season for a little animal print! It's definitely Fall...pumpkin spice everything and of course animal print!  In case you didn't know....I love animal print. Leather drop earrings-cut and hand trimmed with quality genuine leather.  These babies have been a bestseller!! Leather cuffs!!  All the feels!! … Continue reading Friday Favs


Yeap, I have been MISSING IN ACTION on the blogging front.  As you know all too gets crazy-between football, designing store, traveling and raising a 12yr old it gets tough, but I would not have it any other way. I am excited to say that things on the store front are getting real!!!  I … Continue reading MIA

Bag Swag

Photos by Gucci, Vogue Paris, Fendi   One of my new favorite trends is the bag swag!  Whether it's scarves, pins, embroidery or tassels....they are everywhere.  This new trend is a way to update and bring back old bags and give them new life!  EXPRESS YOURSELF! If your like me you don't have several thousand … Continue reading Bag Swag