Friday favs

Women's Fashion Fashion Friday....... Happy Friday Ya'll! ¬†Just wanted to share a few of my favorites today! Love this blue and cream scarf.....I wore it on the plane ride to ūüáęūüá∑. ¬†It is ¬†not to heavy and came in handy several days while shopping. ¬†Perfect for our weather these days. ¬†I throw it on in … Continue reading Friday favs


Yeap, I have been MISSING IN ACTION on the blogging front. ¬†As you know all too gets crazy-between football, designing store, traveling and raising a 12yr old it gets tough, but I would not have it any other way. I am excited to say that things on the store front are getting real!!! ¬†I … Continue reading MIA

Bag Swag

Photos by Gucci, Vogue Paris, Fendi   One of my new favorite trends is the bag swag! ¬†Whether it's scarves, pins, embroidery or tassels....they are everywhere. ¬†This new trend is a way to update and bring back old bags and give them new life! ¬†EXPRESS YOURSELF! If your like me you don't have several thousand … Continue reading Bag Swag


Can you wear white after Labor Day? ¬†YES, you in the south September hardly feels fall-like. ¬†Just because the calendar says September doesn‚Äôt mean the temperatures are dropping. According to expert stylist, Chassie Post, you can wear white year round. Throw out the old rule book and embrace white. ¬†White can help you transition … Continue reading Rules-Smules

No honey those are momma’s juice bags

(photo by Electric Rose Wine Co.) Now I have seen it all!¬† These babies will be perfect for beaches, ballgames, cookout, parks, purses---you name it,¬†Electric Rose¬†nailed it! Move over six pack cause these babies are sold in six-pack boxes, which contain a combined 1.5 bottles of wine. ¬†Sadly, the pouches are only available in certain … Continue reading No honey those are momma’s juice bags